Installing Radiant Heat has more benefits than just keeping your feet warm in winter.

Lower thermostat settings – You will quickly notice you can lower your thermostat and remain comfortable. In most cases you can lower your average thermostat set point by up to 4 percent. This can mean a lower energy bill.*

Heat distribution – Since heat naturally rises, displacing cool air above, radiant heat evenly distributes warmth through your home with a steady and even temperature. It uses the natural circulation of heat within a room to warm it, as opposed to forced-air heating.

Clean air – Radiant heating does not promote the movement of allergens compared to a forced air system. In fact forced air systems can be sources of allergens and dust particles in a home.

Consider installing infloor radiant heating in your future kitchen, bathroom, or full home renovation. At Coordinated Kitchen and Bath we work primarily with NuHeat.

* Heat savings are not guaranteed, and will vary from home to home. Thermostat settings will vary depending on the surrounding environment.