Benjamin Moore recently revealed their colour Palette for 2014. The colour palette is defined as the “new” neutral, takings its tonal ques’s from the current colour trends in interior design. The “new” neutral colour palette seeks to co-exist with the space and materials around it, giving each room a unique but seamless identity.

The design team at Coordinated Kitchen & Bath often discuss the current trend away from grey into more blue’s and green’s. The new Benjamin Moore colour collection reflects this trend, using more blue’s, green’s, lavender’s, and pink’s in its palette.

When shown the new colour palette for the first time, one of our project managers exclaimed, “pastels”! This couldn’t be closer to the truth, Benjamin Moore has sought soft and filtered colours that blend with one another, highlighting the various nuances of your home.

At Coordinated Kitchen & Bath we are focused on creating spaces in your home that are beautiful. The new Benjamin Moore collection offers us yet another tool in creating dwellings that are both alluring and functional. At Coordinated Kitchen & Bath we cannot wait to see how these colours will fit into your home this year.

To view the 2014 colour collection by Benjamin Moore: