Coordinated Kitchen and Bath has over the past 39 years developed a strong network of cabinet, countertop, tile, and building materials suppliers in Vancouver and beyond. These are the leading manufacturers in the industry, which means that not only are their products of superior tested quality, they also stand behind excellent warranties.

Our partners include,, They have locally based supply centres, which means that quite often materials are already in stock, or can be ordered quickly. If on the other hand your project specifications require custom selections, order times can be longer; however, Coordinated Kitchen and Bath and its suppliers have enough experience to manage longer delivery time frames without setting back your project. Often this invloves finalizing materials selection at the get go, so they are ordered well in advance, and arrive just-in-time for installation.

To learn more about some of our kitchen and bathroom tile and countertop suppliers, visit our partners page. Feel free to surf their sites and call and ask them about us.