Co-ordinated Kitchens Ltd.
225 East 1st Street
North Vancouver, B.C.V7L IB4
September 11, 1991

Attention: Michael Phillips

Dear Michael:

Our apologies for not writing you sooner with regard to the completion of the installation of our new kitchen cabinets. We would like you to know that we are thoroughly pleased with our new kitchen and how well the new arrangement has worked out.
We appreciate all the time and effort you spent with us in the design and co-ordination of this project. Yours and Paula’s recommendations and colour suggestions were well heeded. As well, we were very pleased with the professional work done by Michael of Pelikan Plumbing, Ray, the electrician, and Larry Donohue, the cabinet installer.

We have now completed the finishing touches of flooring, tiling, wallpapering, and installation of new doors between the kitchen and dining areas. You had been talking to Gerry a while back about the possibility of taking some photographs for future presentations. We would be happy to have you do this. Please give us a call and we can arrange a convenient time.

Looking forward to meeting with you again,


Jane Weiler