Home renovations are a daunting task. That’s why so many homeowners put them off until things get so bad the choice becomes renovate or move. Unfortunately the only thing more daunting than renovating is moving. This is the quandary my wife and I recently found ourselves in. We had talked about renovating off and on for several years. To anyone who would listen. I guess we thought just talking about it would get the ball rolling, but we found out this particular ball doesn’t go anywhere unless you move it yourself.

What talking about renovating can do is to provide helpful hints from those who’ve been there. In our case it was our former neighbours who provided the helpful hint that got the ball rolling. After a long chat about the perils of renovating they provided us with a name of a general contractor, that came highly recommended and which they had used themselves on a number of occasions. My wife jotted down the name of the contractor on a post-it note thanking them profusely as she tucked it away in her handbag only to be forgotten – for another three years. My wife’s handbag did not survive the three years – she changed bags at least twice during that time – but somehow the post-it note did. Right up until the day we decided to finally kick the renovations ball into motion. And we are very glad that it did, because the information on that post-it note led us to Mike Williams (project manager) and Paula Phillips (colour consultant and decorator), of Coordinated Kitchen and Bath in North Vancouver.

Mike and Paula helped us conceive, design, and construct the home of our dreams. Right from the beginning they made it clear to us that we were the boss of this particular project and that they were there to help make it happen. The first thing we told them was that we were on a budget. Contractors never tire of hearing that one. We also told them we did not want our lives upended for months on end. Apparently they’ve heard that one before too. Oh and one other thing, would they please not make too much of a mess? They didn’t even crack a sardonic smile. That’s when we knew we’d found our perfect match for the job ahead. Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that Coordinated Kitchen and Bath magically transformed our home without any muss or fuss whatsoever. In the world of renovations you can’t build something without first tearing something down.

What I will say is that whenever it seemed as though the job simply could not be done the way we wanted it – on time and at the price we were willing to pay – Mike and Co proceeded to steer us through the rough spots with friendly helpful advice, a broad, beautiful selection of materials to work with and an outstanding team of dedicated trades-people, who besides being good at what they do, are such a personable lot we didn’t mind sharing our home with them for the time it took to make it beautiful.