Interest rates continue stay low or fall in Canada and in most established OECD economies, but is this making home ownership more accessible for consumers? In theory lower rates should result in a corresponding rise in the value of fixed assets such as houses, as more consumers have access to larger amounts of leveraged funds; however, in Canada this is probably no longer the case as incomes remain flat and debt high, making these posted mortgages very difficult to qualify for. Given many consumers cannot qualify for these new posted rates, or simply do not want to be put through the stress of layers of credit assessments, they either cannot upgrade to a new home, or cannot find prospective buyers to sell their home to. The result of this new reality is that sellers in the market place should consider the possibility of staying in their current home for a longer period of time than potentially anticipated, perhaps many years into the future. It seems that Canadians are tuning into this reality and have been turning to the renovation market as an alternative to selling or house flipping. (1) At Coordinated Kitchen and Bath, we believe that performing quality renovations continue to be the best way to get the most out of a home. Quality renovations ensure that not only will your home be great for you for many years to come, it will also be ready to sell when the right market conditions return – now or many years in the future. (1)