By making the decision to renovate, rather than demolish and build a new home, you have made a significant contribution to reducing landfill waste and also increasing the lifespan of your existing home. At Coordinated Kitchen and Bath we work hard to keep our renovations as green as possible.

This includes offering green products from our leading vedors, companies such as Julian Tile and Cesear Stone, which offer high levels of recycled materials in their tiles and countertops. Some products exceed 90% level recycled material, as is the case with the new Onix Mosaic from Spain, offered by Julian Tile.

Our cabinet selections offer a wide range of green product options. One of our suppliers, Columbia Cabinets, has been awarded the prestigious certification in the Environmental Stewardship Program, which is administered by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association. To learn more about these cabinet options, visit Columbia Cabinets.

Coordinated Kitchen and Bath also works to reduce its own impact on the environment by consolidating trades and projects in our service area – West Vancouver, North vancouver, and Vancouver – so as to reduce vehicle emmissions and time on the road. We also plan our trades so they spend as little time driving and as much time as possible on projects.

Our family business also has been moving towards a paperless environment. As of June 1st, 2012 we will be running paper free fax and printing, which will allow us to reduce use of toner and paper. Many of our suppliers have also converted to paperless catalogues.

All of these changes demonstrate our commitment to the environment and to giving you as green a renovation as possible.