When Coordinated Kitchen and Bath was founded in 1974, Vancouver was a very different place. The city was barely known outside of Canada, the metro region had just topped one million inhabitants. In 1974, the PNE was the big event, and the Vancouver Canucks were barely 4 seasons old. The downtown skyline was non-existent, other than the new West End towers and a few buildings around the Vancouver Sun tower.

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How times have changed in Vancouver. Today the metro region is a well-known city, synonymous with openness, diversity, and multiculturalism. Vancouver is a welcome home for a plethora of cultures and communities from around the world. Each of these communities has left its mark on the city. From Greek cuisine in Kitsilano, to Indian dishes on Main, to Ethiopian offerings on Commercial Drive. The choices are truly endless. Because of this, Vancouver has built a name for itself as a design and food hotspot. Vancouver now rivals similar multicultural centres such as Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, Melbourne, and Hong Kong.

Coordinated Kitchen and Bath is proud to have been part of the changing Vancouver landscape. In the early days our renovations were simpler low tech projects. Today we employ a skilled group of designers, trades, and project managers to make sure the kitchens and bathrooms we build match the needs and demands of our times. Our staff members are highly trained, with years of experience, backed with college and university certifications. We also continue to invest in our team, ensuring they have the latest in training, technology, and access to information available. Our close team of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops, and fixtures partners are also part of this process. Our partners provide additional training for our staff, education for our customers, and products that are always at the best that technology has to offer. Together this ensures Coordinated Kitchen and Bath can continue to live up to its mantra: to design and manage custom renovations from start to finish, to create the perfect kitchen, bathroom, and home renovation every time.

Considering a kitchen renovation, a new bathroom, or perhaps fresh cabinets. Drop by our showroom and see what we have. From countertops and cabinets, to kitchen and bath fixtures and faucets, Coordinated is ready to give you the best products and service available. Our showroom is located at 123 East 1st Street in North Vancouver.