Dear Mike
When we signed the agreement for Coordinated to do our kitchen reno we had already been told that the company performs its work on time and on budget, so when that happened, although we were happy it came as no surprise. But other things did come as surprises, very pleasant ones —
All the workers arrived promptly, worked competently, and took care to minimize the dust and disarray in our apartment. They arrived knowing what they were to do and were all very polite and pleasant.
The materials installed, from floor tiles to wall plugs, from cabinets and drawers to the innovative ceiling lighting were of excellent quality and were installed with great care.
Paula, who was more helpful that anyone we had worked with before, seemed to have a wonderful feel for what would look best in our kitchen. Her recommendations turned out always to be the right ones.
As you can tell from this we are very pleased with the way our reno went, and much of the credit belongs to you. We were enormously impressed with your ability and willingness to take such an active role in making sure the job was done right. You constantly consulted with us and not only kept the workers well informed, you also made sure we always knew who was coming, when they’d arrive and what they were to do. If it was someone we hadn’t met before you even arrived with them to introduce them. You made sure every question of ours was answered and when any problem arose you immediately came up with an acceptable solution.
I could go on with details but perhaps it’s enough to say that we’re very grateful to you for keeping the chaos in our lives to the barest minimum, for finishing the job down to the last detail and for giving us a new kitchen that has gotten compliments from all our friends and neighbours.
Peter and Debra