Hello Michael —
As promised, here are a few thoughts on “The (recently completed) Project”:
1.    Joan and I found the careful pre-planning at the office reassuring, and the frequent onsite consultations were also most helpful.
2.   We are also more than pleased with the high quality of work delivered by your team of tradesmen.  Through the weeks there were  were many of them, most coming back several times. As new people came,  I kept expecting there to be a conspicuous lapse in standards at some point, but it’s good to be able to say that didn’t happen.
3.    A bonus was that almost all tradesmen were punctilious in cleaning up after themselves, with the one exception still being better than one generally encounters.  Each was also obliging and pleasant to have around – even entertaining in several cases,  This is a critical plus in a project that takes considerable time.
3.    The comments above are well deserved, but we assign a very large proportion of the success of this enterprise to your own personal investment in it , especially the careful planning and marshalling of resources. Add to that your active supervision of the work, including your (almost obsessive?) attention to detail and correction of sometimes quite minor errors and oversights.  Your ongoing onsite suggestions were much appreciated, as was your patience at our almost last minute requests that details be altered.
4.    Even though the work took quite a while and may have cost a little more than the going rate, that is for us more than offset by our very considerable satisfaction with the end product.
Please feel free to make whatever use may seem appropriate of the above, and, since I don’t have Michael Phillips’ email address, please make sure that a copy of this gets into his hands.
With thanks and appreciation,                Geoff