Thinking of renovating your kitchen in the New Year? Are you looking to make your kitchen more inviting, creating a gathering space for your family and friends? Renovating your kitchen and surrounding spaces is the ideal way to integrate the common areas of your home and make them more inviting.

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Kitchen renovation West Vancouver

The kitchen, the place where family members gather

It is well known the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. After all, where the food is, the feet will follow!  Kitchens are high traffic areas, so it is important they be efficient and inviting. In the kitchen it is where countless hours of cooking and baking happens. This means kitchens should be well designed with the right materials. By implementing smart storage solutions and updating appliance technology, one can save money on energy bills and get family and friends to hang out and use the kitchen more often. Things like a double wall oven, a more efficient fridge, an induction range, and silent stacked dishwashers (perfect for those who hate unpacking the dishwasher). Building insulating walls and adding new flooring materials will also keep you and your feet warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Kitchen renovation West Vancouver

Things to consider when renovating your kitchen

Using a reputable certified kitchen renovation company like Coordinated Kitchens to manage your project will relieve the stress of undertaking a kitchen renovation. Coordinated Kitchens will direct you how to efficiently use you budget to get what you are looking for.

Almost always deciding where to spend money on is the hardest part of a renovation. This is why working with a professional firm like Coordinated Kitchens is key. Options such as:

  • investing in new counters
  • replacing old floors with tile or hardwood
  • installing a new backsplash
  • replacing the cabinet doors
  • updating appliances
  • going big and reconfiguring the layout

These options are some of the different ways to upgrade your kitchen and give it a new look and colour. These can also be ways to make the kitchen easy to clean and maintain. Each of these options have varying costs and levels of complexity, which an experienced professional can guide you through.

Custom Kitchen, Bathroom and Home Renovations from Design to Completion

Renovating your kitchen and surrounding spaces is the ideal way to integrate the common areas of your home and make them more inviting. When a renovation is done right, the kitchen will become an inviting space for the entire family and visitors. Visit Coordinated Kitchen and Bath’s showroom as 123 East 1st Street in North Vancouver to learn how we can transform your kitchen in 2020.