Surviving the Renovation of your Kitchen, Bathroom, Home

Changes are stressful, there is no doubt about it, and a renovation is one of the most stressful things you can do because it takes your home and turns it upside down.

Renovations can turn into anxiety and discomfort as your household routines are tossed around by frequent disruptions. This is especially challenging if you like stability, organization and predictability – three things that do not come with a renovation, no matter how well planned and managed. So when routines are changed it’s natural to feel stressed and upset. You may even find yourself:

– Trying to supervise the renovation and all the details that come with it – this part of our need to feel in control.
– Expressing frustration to whoever will listen about the loss of routines and the use of your home – this is part of our need to find empathy.
– Exhausted or sad over the loss of what was familiar even though you are excited about the improvements that are coming.
– More easily agitated over any other changes in your life.

All these emotions are normal, as change often brings a sense of discomfort, elevated emotions and a need to claim the familiar.

So here are a few simple tips to help you through these moments of discomfort and emotion that comes with a renovation:

– Communicate – Ask your project manager questions throughout the project. There should be no mystery for you in terms of what’s happening and the order in which it happens.
– Spend time before the renovation building new routines, and practice them so you are ready for the change that will come. Carving out a special part of the home away from the renovations to be your new temporary hub is often helpful. Loss of routine is definitely easier to deal with if you have a workable replacement.
– Don’t forget why you are renovating you home, kitchen, bathroom. Keep the outcome in mind. Visualize the final product whenever the dust, the trades, or the changes become stressful.
– Minimize change and maintain stability in other parts of your life whether it is in your work, exercise routines or non home based family routines. Renovations are right up there with moving, so try keep the rest of your life as stable as possible.
– Take a break from the renovations. Take a vacation during the busiest part of the kitchen or bathroom renovations, relax with friends, go out and exercise. Try to spend as little time at home as possible. Focus on yourself, and your project manager will focus on making your renovation smooth and efficient.

Lastly, trust yourself and your reasons for creating a change in your home. It made sense then and it makes sense now.